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Vol. 20, issue 2  (Aug. 2016)
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1 - Comparison between flapless and flap dental implant surgery: A clinical and radiographic study   PDF
1267-1271 Abduljaleel Azad Samad & Ahmad Abdullah Haider & Omed Ikram Shihab

2 - Knowledge about infection control measures among nurses at Hawler Teaching Hospital in Erbil city   PDF
1272-1279 Ronak N.H

3 - Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in a sample of population in Erbil city, Iraq   PDF
1280-1287 Sherzad A. Ismael & Halgurd Fathullah Ahmed & Maaroof Tahseen Hasan

4 - Comparison of dissolution release of commercially available extended release carbamazepine tablets in Iraqi drug market using in vitro USP II method   PDF
1288-1293 Tara Abdulrahman Abdullah & Adnan Burhan Qader

5 - Assessment of the knowledge of paraplegic persons regarding self-care activity   PDF
1293-1303 Sideeq Sadir Ali & Rawand Musheer Haweizy & Saadia Ahmed Khuder

6 - Healthcare providers’ knowledge on rotavirus vaccine at selected primary ‎healthcare centers in Erbil City   PDF
1304-1309 Kaify Jamil Qadir

7 - Association of intraocular pressure with cataract surgery   PDF
1310-1315 Zed Janan Petris & Ahmed Ismail Abdulgani & Ahmed Kareem Joma & Eman Hussein Alwan

8 - P57Kip2 immunostaining, a diagnostic marker in differentiating complete hydatidiform mole from its mimics   PDF
1316-1322 Ava T. Ismael

9 - Prophylactic versus postoperative antibiotics in septoplasty   PDF
1323-1329 Said Mustafa Jaf & Sherzad Awla

10 - Isolation and identification of microorganisms in acne patients   PDF
1330-1336 Niyan Innam Muhammed Yousif & Rassool A. Dabbagh

11 - Effects of infliximab local injection on orthodontic tooth movement in diabetic rabbits: A histological study   PDF
1337-1348 Anees M. Mudhir & Rafah Al-Maroof & Fadhil Y. Jasim

12 - Inpatients’ satisfaction toward nursing services in the medical and surgical wards of Rizgary Teaching Hospital, Erbil, Iraq   PDF
1349-1355 Namir Ghanim Al-Tawil & Ibrahim Hassan Mustafa & Zhyan Abdullah Ismahil

13 - Adherence to the standards of prescription chart among medical practitioners in Kurdistan region   PDF
1356-1360 Rojgar H. Ali & Rawaz D. Tawfeeq & Bootan A. Salih

14 - Awareness of hookah smokers regarding its harmfulness among attendee of cafés in Erbil city   PDF
1361-1367 Nazar Ali Doski & Sangar Muhammad Ahmed

15 - Prevalence of dry eye among 195 patients with diabetes mellitus patients   PDF
1368-1375 Zana Ghany Hameed & Ahmed Abdulgani & Abdulmajeed Abdulkadir

16 - Association of chronic urticaria with Helicobacter Pylori infection in Erbil: A case-control study   PDF
1376-1384 Faiza Rasool Muhemmed & Khalis Bilal Mohammed Ali

17 - Effects of metabolic syndrome on prostate specific antigen level, prostate volume and international prostate symptom scores in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia   PDF
1385-1389 Bootan A. Salih & Aree Abdulla & Rojgar H. Ali & Qasim Al-Shaam”a & Sazan Dakheel Saeed & Yousif F. Hussein

18 - Preventing nerve damage during total thyroidectomy or total lobectomy surgeries   PDF
1390-1395 AbdulWahid M. Salih & Hawar Hasan Ali Ghalib & Diary A. Ismael & Mohammed I M Gubari & Karzan Mohammed Salih Hassan & Masrur Sleman Aziz