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Vol. 14, issue 1  (Jan. 2010)
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1 - Predictive Factors For Conversion Of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy To Open Procedure   PDF
1-8 Dr. Taher Abdullah Hawrame & Dr. Sirwan Hama Shareef & Dr. Zanko Sherko Fathalla

2 - Relationship Between Hemoglobin Level and Feeding Pattern in Apparently Healthy Children Below Two Years   PDF
9-15 Ahmed A. Ahmed & Abbas A. Al-Rabaty & Abdulkadir A. Alnakshabandi

3 - Women's satisfaction about MCH care services provided to pregnants attend antenatal care units in Erbil city   PDF
16-21 Jwan Muhammad Sabir Zangana

4 - Spectrum of Acute Complications of Measles in Erbil City   PDF
22-27 Kawes Omer Hamad

5 - Estimation of Interleukin-8 Level in Diarrheic Children Infected with Rotavirus   PDF
28-34 Rukia M. Al-Barzinji

6 - Retrospective Comparison of Weight Gain between Olanzapine- and Risperidone-Treated Patients   PDF
35-41 Twana Abdulrahman Rahim

7 - The effect of treating generalized anxiety disorder on psychoactive substance abuse and dependency in Erbil city   PDF
42-46 Diyar Hussein Tahir & Baran Kamal Albarazanjy & Sirwan Kamil Ali

8 - Applications of Geographical Information System (GIS) in Planning of Health Services in Erbil City, Kurdistan Region   PDF
47-54 Yousif Jafar Khidr & Sherzad Ali Ismail