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Vol. 12, issue 2  (Apr. 2008)
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1 - Incidence of Bladder Cancer in Patients with Hematuria   PDF
1-5 Dr. Pishtewan H. Al-Bazzaz & Dr. Hoshmand N. Mustafa

2 - Sweat Chloride Test Evaluation for Suspected Cases of Cystic Fibrosis in Iraqi Children   PDF
6-10 Sawsan Al-Azzawi & Qais Rasheed Hameed & Dlair A. Chalabi

3 - Role of IFN-�, IL-6 and IL-10 in Immune Response of Children with Recurrent Bacterial Tonsillitis   PDF
11-17 Taban K. Rasheed & Ibrahim M.S. Shnawa & Farhad J. Khayyat

4 - Clinical Usefulness of Alterations in Serum Total Sialic Acid and its Ratio to Total Protein in Breast Masses in Hawler City   PDF
18-23 Tayfoor Jalil Mahmoud & Ahmed Abdulkadir Baban & Salar Adnan Ahmed

5 - Evaluation of Seminal Fluid Analysis Pre and Post Varicocelectomy   PDF
24-28 Pishtewan H. Al-Bazzaz & Dilawar O. Ali

6 - Histological Study of Human Palatine Tonsils in Patient with Recurrent Bacterial Tonsillitis   PDF
29-41 Taban K.Rasheed & Ibrahim M.S.Shnawa & Farhad J.Khayyat

7 - Identification of Male Factors Contributing to Infertility in Erbil in-Vitro Fertilization Center   PDF
42-47 Mazen Yones Muhammed & Pishtewan H. Al-Bazzaz

8 - Seroprevalence of Toxoplasmosis in Women with Spontaneous Abortion   PDF
48-54 Dr. Salah Abubaker & Dr. Vian Dakhil

9 - Caries Experience and Treatment Achieved For Children Attending Pedodontic Clinic Erbil City   PDF
55-64 May Kaneem Saleem

10 - Salivary Flow Rate and pH Relationship with the Dental Caries Experience of 6 � 11 Years Old Children   PDF
65-71 Dr. Shukria Mohammad Al � Zahawi & Dr. Amera Kamal Kahlil & Dr. Ali Sultan Al�Refai

11 - Pain and Swelling after Lower 3rd Molar Surgery (A Clinical Comparative Study Between Three Methods of Wound Closure)   PDF
72-78 Omed I. Shahab & Ahmed A. Haider & Tarik M. Abdulla