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Vol. 13, issue 2  (Jul. 2009)
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1 - Correlation of HER-2 Status with Estrogen, Progesterone Receptors and Histological Grading in 122 Invasive Breast Carcinomas   PDF
1-7 Dr. Salah .A. Ali

2 - Accuracy of Modified Alvarado Scoring System in Early Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis   PDF
8-13 Dr. Tayeb S. Kareem & Dr. Nadya Y. Ahmed & Dr. Star S. Hussein

3 - Effect of Dialysis on Erythropoietin and some Hematological Parameters in Patients with Chronic Renal Failure   PDF
14-21 Zhian Sh. Hayder & Jamal M. Aziz & Mohamad Salih. Jaff

4 - Depression among Patients Attending Physiotherapy Clinics in Erbil City   PDF
22-27 Dr. Sirwan K. Ali & Dr. Jwan M. Zangana & Dr. Diyar H. Tahir

5 - Cervical Spondylosis among Group of Computer Users in Erbil City   PDF
28-36 Dr. Dashty Abbas Al-Bustany & Dr. Zekra Ali Aziz

6 - Pain after Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy   PDF
37-42 Dr. Ali A. Dabbagh

7 - The Assessment of Specificity & Sensitivity of FNAC in Thyroid Lesions in Erbil   PDF
43-49 Dr. Sirwan Ahmed Garota

8 - Estimation of T-helper 1 Cytokines (IFN-y and TL-2) in HBV Infected patients and Individuals vaccinated with Recombinant HB Vaccine   PDF
50-56 Rukia M. Al-Barzinji & Hiwa Abdul -Rahman Ahmed

9 - Prevalence of Cigarette Smoking among Hawler Medical University Students   PDF
57-62 Dr. Samir Mahmood & Dr. Abubakir M.Saleh & Dr. Khalis Bilal M.Ali

10 - A retrospective Study of Mandibular Fracture in Children   PDF
63-68 Dr. Ahmad A. Haidar

11 - Birth Prevalence of Cleft lip and/or Palate in Hawler City A retrospective Hospital based One year Study   PDF
69-72 Dr. Muyesser A. Noori & Dr. Omed I. Shihab

12 - Formulation o f Econazole Nitrate as an Ophthalmic Ointment   PDF
73-78 Dr. Heba Antwan Fatohy

13 - Effect of Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis on some Hematological and Biochemical Parameters in Renal Failure   PDF
79-85 Dara Khorshed Mohammad