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Vol. 14, issue Special Issue 3  (Oct. 2010)
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1 - Body iron status in blood donors in Erbil   PDF
1-8 Mohamad Salih AL Gaff & Mouroge AL Ani & Sanabil Slew Babka

2 - Cradle and Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip The tradition and the adverse effect   PDF
9-12 Las Jamal khorsheed

3 - Mild Pelvicalyceal System Dilatation Observed by Ultrasound as a Sign of Acute Appendicitis   PDF
13-19 Suhel M. Al-Najjar

4 - Oral versus Vaginal Misoprostol for Termination of Second Trimester Missed Abortion   PDF
20-25 kajal abdulkareem salem & ghada saadullah al-sakkal

5 - Validity of Ultrasound for estimation of fetal weight in term singleton pregnancies   PDF
26-29 Shahla Karim Mahmood Alalaf & Media Ghazi Sedik

6 - Penetrating Chest Trauma: Tube Thoracostomy with Application of Low Pressure Continuous Suction, Management and Outcome, the Rate and Identifying the Causes in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, Sulaimanyah City   PDF
30-35 Ahmed Ibraheem Al-Azzawi

7 - The Role of the Bone Marrow Study in Typhoid Fever with Pancytopenia   PDF
36-39 Hisham Arif Getta

8 - Continuous versus interrupted technique for repair of episiotomy   PDF
40-47 sundus yousif kellow & salama kamel & hanaa al-ani & lalye mohammad wahab

9 - Haemodynamic response to orotracheal intubation: direct laryngoscopy versus fiberoptic bronchoscopy   PDF
48-52 Amir Murad Khudad & Hoshyar Najeeb Karem

10 - Nosocomial infection in a respiratory care unit in Baghdad, Iraq   PDF
53-57 Ban A. Jrjis & Jawad K. Al-Diwan & Tariq S. Al-Hadithi & Abdul R. Al-Abbasi

11 - A Painful Stroke: Vertebral Artery Occlusion Presenting as Cervical Radiculopathy and Headache   PDF
58-63 Dowlati D. & Glickman S. & Goldenberg F.D. & Frank J.I.

12 - Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Status in Post-Operative Patients with Cancer Treated with Chemotherapy   PDF
64-67 Imad AJ Thanoon & Faris A Ahmedb & Khalaf R Jadoaa

13 - Comparison of Benzyl Benzoate Lotion Versus Permethrin Solution in Addition to Crotamiton Cream as Adjuvant Therapy In the Treatment of Scabies Infestation   PDF
68-73 Dina K. Al-samman

14 - Equilibrium Adsorption of Antibiotics at Solid Liquid Interface   PDF
74-81 Hiwa O. Ahmed & Kafia M. Shareef

82-89 Hamid G. Hasan & Goran Hamid Mohammad

16 - Microbial Causes of Paronychia   PDF
90-94 Ali Hattem Hussein & Solaf Jawhar Ali

17 - A Congenital Superior Lumber Hernia of the Grynfeltt and Lesshaft triangle   PDF
95-97 Kader Muhammed Salih & Abdulla Saeed Abdulla