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 The new volume of Zanco J Med Sci ( volume 20 issue 3 ) is released

Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences / Hawler Medical University

The editors of Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences (Zanco J Med Sci) welcome contributions from our readers. The journal will consider for publication manuscripts of interest to readers in Iraq, Middle East, and around the World.


Aims and scope

Zanco J Med Sci aims to publish peer-reviewed manuscripts of international interest. Submissions on clinical, basic, scientific or laboratory investigations of relevance to medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing come within the scope of its publication. Original articles, case reports, brief communications, book reviews, insights and letters to the editor are all considered. Review articles are solicited.



eISSN: 1995-5596
Issue/ year : at least 3 issues /year
Published by: Hawler Medical University
Vol. 20, issue 3  (Dec. 2016)
1 - The effect of adenoid size on tympanometric finding in children    PDF
Farhad Jalil Khayat & Said Mustafa Said & Hanna Hanano Kasho & Bashir Jalal Jamil

2 - Surgery versus prolonged conservative treatment for sciatica associated with lumbar disc herniation    PDF
Injam Ibrahim Sulaiman & Sherwan Hamawandi & Emad K. Hammood & Ali H. Muhammad Al-Tameemi

3 - Self-esteem of Kurdish women faced domestic violence in Erbil city    PDF
Sirwan K. Ali

4 - The routine insertion of drains after total thyroidectomy by harmonic scalpel, is it always necessary?    PDF
Ali A. Al-Dabbagh

5 - Prevalence and risk factors of abortion among a sample of married women in Kurdistan Region of Iraq    PDF
Fatema Mohammed Azo & Cuma AKBAY

6 - Master students’ feedback about the teaching and learning process in the College of Nursing, Hawler Medical University    PDF
Nazar Ali Doski & Jawdat Mamand ALhag Baker & Norhan Zaki & Dara Abdulla Al-Banna

7 - Incidence of post transplant diabetes mellitus in Erbil Teaching Hospital    PDF
Osamah Sameer Mahdi & Safa Ezzidin Al-Mukhtar & Hama Nejm Jaff

8 - Impact of education program on breast self examination among a group of women in the Kurdistan Women Union, Erbil city    PDF
Sarhang Qadir Ibrahim & Warda Hassan Abdullah & Hamdia Mirkhan Ahmed & Dara Abdulla Al-Banna

9 - Antibiotic resistance of urinary tract pathogens and rationale for empirical antibiotic therapy in children with urinary tract infection    PDF
Nazdar Ezzaddin Rasheed Alkhateeb

10 - Patterns of infertility among couples attending IVF center in maternity teaching hospital in Erbil    PDF
Avesta S. Ahmed & Samir M. Othman

11 - Serological tests and polymerase chain reaction for detection of Toxoplasma gondii infection in women attending for premarital examination    PDF
Hawre Mustafa Bakre

12 - Detection of urinary lactoferrin as an indicator of urinary tract infection in girls    PDF
Mohammed Hassan Fatah & Nabeel Elia Waheda & Dik J. Kok

13 - Three-dimensional ultrasound in evaluation of fetal brain anomalies    PDF
Salwa Ahmed Amin AL-Najjar

14 - Prevalence of social phobia among high school students in Erbil, Kurdistan region    PDF
Abdulqader Hussein Hamad Gardi

15 - Factors influence on Primigravida’s knowledge regarding exclusive breastfeeding benefits in Maternity Teaching Hospital: Erbil city - Kurdistan region – Iraq    PDF
Shukir Saleem Hasan

16 - Correlation between Endothelin-1 and oxidative stress in apparently healthy obese men    PDF
Nazlin Shakir Malla Ahmed & Sherwan Rahman Sulaiman

17 - Perspectives of teaching staff about quality assurance process in Hawler Medical University: Q-methodology    PDF
Abubakir M. Saleh

18 - A prospective study on the effect of waist circumference on symptom severity of gastroesophageal reflux disease    PDF
Sabah Jalal Shareef & Muhammed Mustafa Kamal & Nuri Baderkhan Saeed Ahmed